Visaya is an open digital platform for Process Automation that will engage our community and redefine how we buy the right instrument for the right application online.


Automation information sources are overdue for the next iteration. Media outlets in our industry typically dedicate much of their content to promoting press releases and do little to address the next generation. We at Visaya intend to use fresh perspectives to create a knowledge base for Process Automation that transcends brands and appeals to today’s generation as well as tomorrow’s.

Today when you have a question, you ask your favorite search engine and get an answer. In our industry, most answers come from vendors with their own classifications and taxonomies. Visaya aims to simplify taxonomies across brands, so that readers familiar with one company’s products can easily understand the portfolio of another and even compare them.

We cover the entire range of topics across Process Automation and go through instrumentation in great depth, focusing on parameters such as flow, level, temperature, liquid analysis, and pressure. We start with instruments – principles, physics, brands – and will expand to practical industrial applications, automation systems, and communication/connectivity protocols.

While all of that may sound technical, we humanize our content with friendly language and connections to everyday life, like French fries and swimming pools. We further enrich the knowledge base through our device directory, application directory, product reviews, comparisons, and other ideas to come. This also builds competitive knowledge for vendors to study other brands and improve their own.

We have two industry experts, Fabrício Andrade and Germán Sarmiento, who make our content fun as well as practical. We are actively seeking new content contributors and partners in end user industries, Process Automation brands, organizations, and educational institutions to increase our knowledge base.

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