Visaya is an open, digital platform for the Process Automation industry. We have the Visaya eShop, offering products from a variety of brands from the industry. If you enjoy our articles, you will find our Visaya eShop a natural, useful addition to them!

We have also recently launched our mobile app: Visaya that is available over both iOS and Android operating system. This lets you access information at your fingertips, along with allowing an ease of access on-the-go.

Team Visaya
  • If you have an automated process and need a device for it, then Visaya is for you. Engineers, field technicians, plant supervisors, and more can find the right devices for their process control applications.
  • Visaya maintains one of the largest Device Finder, currently online, of process automation products across brands and industries. As an open platform, we’re constantly reaching out to suppliers and bringing them on board to make all their products available to you in one place. Note that not all devices presented in the Device Finder are available on the eShop.
  • We organized this Directory using a simple taxonomy, to help compare products from various brands without their company-specific terms and structures. Best of all, we go beyond mere listings. We support our platform with Product Reviews, Comparisons, Articles, Videos, Application Notes and Interview Features to help you identify devices that best suit your projects.
  • Visaya can help you become better informed to make good choices about the products on the market. We built this website and generated all its content to support your decision-making process. We keep all our information relevant, current and focused on your needs and the market’s offerings.
  • Our educational articles and interviews with leading experts provide a wide spectrum of knowledge and opinions on relevant topics. On top of our reviews and recommendations, user-generated ratings and comments give you an idea of how your peers in the industry view the products as well.
  • Voice your opinion and share your knowledge to assist other decision makers in turn. Click here to create an account.

Run by a team of engineers and enthusiasts from Berlin, Visaya strives to provide a truly personalized experience. We’re available by phone, chat, and email to answer your questions whenever you need.
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Visaya’s Code of Ethics

  1. We treat all process automation vendors equally. The products displayed alongside content appear at random.
  2. Although we have internal content creators, we encourage external writers – including authors who work for vendors – to offer content for our database (apply here). All content will reflect the independent views of the authors, but we exercise editorial control to ensure brand neutrality.
  3. We respect the data privacy of our visitors and users. You can find our full privacy policy here.