Visaya is an open digital platform for Process Automation that will engage our community and redefine how we buy the right instrument for the right application online.

Visaya Solutions – expanding to provide the right instrument for your application!

Visaya is an open digital platform aiming to provide valuable content and better access to the process automation industry. Our content includes product reviews and comparisons, Q&A, insightful articles, and helpful videos. We also welcome editorial contributions from industry experts that focus on next-generation industry potential. And we do our best to simplify taxonomies across brands so that you can analyze products more easily.

We started in content for instrumentation, and now we’re expanding into related areas of the industry. In today’s digital era, it’s all about the clicks! We’ve seen a huge transition from past measuring technologies to the latest digital breakthroughs – the Internet of Things (IoT), data management, security integrations, predictive maintenance, cloud computing – the list goes on.

We’re following these concepts to develop a high-quality, high-integrity smart content platform for our community. Our editorial line will not only act as a knowledge base for the industry but also become a one-stop platform for needs across the global process automation industry.

Are you new to process automation and want to learn more?

Then search our site to find articles and videos on the topics that interest you. Are you looking for a new device for your process? Then check out our device directory, covering brands across the market and growing day by day. Do you have an interesting automation story you’d like to share or an industry topic you’d like to write about? Then contact us and we’ll get in touch!

Visaya is your guide to the Process Automation world.

Here, you can find answers and advice on how to choose the right instrument for the right application.

At Visaya…

… we use fresh perspectives to create a knowledge base for Process Automation that transcends brands and appeals not only to the current audience, but also to future generations.

… we simplify taxonomies across brands, so you can easily understand and compare various products at once.

…we cover the entire range of topics across Process Automation and go through instrumentation in great depth, focusing on such parameters as flow, level, temperature, liquid analysis, and pressure.

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Visaya’s Code of Ethics

  1. As an open platform, Visaya aims to create a comprehensive knowledge base for process automation. The goal is to simplify knowledge and to support customers in their buying decisions.
  2. We treat all process automation vendors equally. The products displayed alongside content appear at random.
  3. We strive to create objective, accurate, and reliable content and to favor facts over opinions. Should you find a technical inaccuracy or attribution concern, please report it here so we can take immediate action.
  4. Although we have internal content creators, we encourage external writers – including authors who work for vendors – to offer content for our database (apply here). All content will reflect the independent views of the authors, but we exercise editorial control to ensure brand neutrality.
  5. We respect the data privacy of our visitors and users. You can find our full privacy policy here.