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David is one of the newest additions to Visaya team. I find it really inspiring to work alongside someone who is so excited about what they do. I remember, the first or second week he started at Visaya we had an entire conversation about how cool data can be. In the office David can be found grumbling over the latest SEMrush hiccup, catching a webinar on SEO, or eyeing the free beer provided by our coworking space.

What do you do here at Visaya?

My main thing is doing the scheduling and making sure everything is SEO optimized. Generally, looking into an SEO strategy for long-term goals.

What made you want to work for a startup?

Well, I have always been working for startups. I literally have not worked for a company except for startups. The first company I ever started working for was a start up. I literally started their opening month when I could join. I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I can’t imagine not working for a startup.


What is your past work/school experience?

I graduated international baccalaureate in 2015. Then I started my bachelor in the end of 2016 for marketing and I am still studying there. Workwise I actually worked security for a while. Like as a bouncer for private stuff. That was fun. Then I got into sales. I did sales for two years and in the end I was kinda in between marketing and sales. I was an optimizer looking into stuff.

What sort of culture do you look for in a job

I remember in the application that it said there was endless beer. That’s what I am going to look for in jobs in the future.


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