#pAutomator: Masha

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#pAutomator: Masha

4 things you didn’t know about Visaya’s newest optimizer, Masha

Masha is the newest #pAutomator here at Visaya. She specializes in webpage optimization. Currently, Masha is a working student running A/B tests and working hard trying to find the best possible user experience on our webpage.

Although Masha is still getting used to the process automation industry jargon she excited to be working at a startup where the fast pace allows for her ideas to be implemented quickly.

4 things you didn’t know about Masha

  1. I speak Belarusian, I think it’s rather fun. Not so many people know what it is.
  2. I have a tattoo of a dog on my right arm. I got this tattoo at a party with my friend. She is an artist. It was a sudden decision, but I am happy about it because it is very cute.
  3. I once created my own theatre studio back in Moscow. It was pretty successful, It was about larping. It is like a theatre movement. Its live action role play where people can have different roles and play them on stage without any script.
  4. I moved a lot. It is not a really fun fact. But I have had time to live on different continents and different countries. I think it adds to my background and my experience.
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#pAutomator: Masha
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