#pAutomator Update: Raphael

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#pAutomator Update: Raphael

Raphael has studied engineering in Brazil as well as Ireland. Attending Pontifífica Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais and National University of Ireland: Galway he honed his knowledge in robotics, mechanical design, automation and control. Raphael has held jobs in the medical device industry as well as a solar energy lab working in Research and development. Currently he is Visaya’s very own SEO wiz kid and content author.

How did you start working for Visaya?

I saw Fabricio posted on LinkedIn or Facebook looking for an intern. They wanted someone from the automation field to work in marketing. I didn’t know what it was about but I dropped him a message.

 Then I came here and did the interview. They gave me a test to write an article in one day or two days. I wrote an article, I sent it to them and they liked the article so here I am.

What is your favorite content to write about?

Hmm I really like the not so technical and more theoretical pieces of content. I don’t know why. I came from R&D departments. So I did a lot of research. It’s nice to also show other people the basics and the physics behind the instruments not just the numbers.


What do you like about working for a start up?

I like the environment. The teamwork. Everybody is going towards the same goal. Its goal oriented and the flexibility is nice. Sometimes you work even more than you should. The important thing is that deadlines are met. And that the goals are met as well.

What is some advice to someone who wants to work for a start up?

Just be passionate about what you do. Sometimes, especially with startup life, you have a goal to reach and you are behind schedule and then you have to give a bit more. And if you are doing this with something you don’t really like doing it is more exhausting. It doesn’t really feel easy when you do something you don’t like.


Click here to check out a Visaya article written by Raphael



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#pAutomator Update: Raphael
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