Welcome to Visaya, the open platform for process automation

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Welcome to Visaya, the open platform for process automation

At Visaya, we are building a knowledge base to help you to understand how process automation works and grows. So I want to introduce you to our knowledge base and invite you into a journey of discovery through the world of industrial process automation. Have you ever thought about how McDonald’s makes its sauces? And have you ever wondered how vitamin companies churn out their products on such a large scale? Or did you ever look at a Heineken bottle and say, “How is this so good?” If so, then Visaya can help you learn the answers to those questions and more.

When you go through our content, you may not understand everything. Many articles discuss complex procedures, devices, and concepts. But don’t worry. Visaya can simplify those mysteries. We do our best to help you find out how those plants out there work. You’ll also have articles like this one to help you navigate our knowledge base if you know little about process automation.

Why should I care about process automation?

Because it’s all around you. If you observe current trends, then you can’t miss digitization. Think about your home and your everyday life. How “digital” are you? You most likely have a smartphone and surf the net for several hours a day. And you probably buy things online. You may even have a “smart home.” If not, then you’ve at least heard of Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. Those smart assistants connect the electronic devices in your home to you through the internet. And companies like Nest or Tado help you manage your home’s environment right from your phone. Under all of that lies the cloud, where all the devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) send their data.

The same principle of digitization occurs in the industrial world as well. Digitization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have set automation ablaze. Automation has assisted the industry for quite some time, but it shares a core idea with digitization – algorithms. These two concepts weave throughout society and industry both.

In Visaya, you’ll get deep coverage of devices for process automation. Before you can automate physical processes, you must measure what they do. For this, we need sensors out there in the field. In process automation, we often call those sensors instruments and call this area of knowledge instrumentation. Here at Visaya, we’ll discuss brands in instrumentation such as Emerson, Yokogawa, Endress+Hauser, ABB, Krohne, VEGA, or Siemens.

A small sample

Try some of these articles. They’ll help you start learning about this complex industry and how it affects you!

  • Find out about pH measurement and how it pertains to making Coca-Cola: vsya.co/qKzaBD
  • Watch a video from our weekly series that will teach you what pressure means for French fries: vsya.co/dqehPw
  • Read this article to see how automated dam monitoring makes life safer for people in a whole region: vsya.co/Xu0Or3
  • Check out our Q&A for automated temperature measurement: vsya.co/UFzh6Y
  • Learn more about using a vibrating fork to measure levels: vsya.co/ce9aD4

Are there certain topics in process automation or instrumentation that you want to know more about, but we haven’t covered them yet? Do you want to learn more in a particular field? Do you have questions you think we can answer? Then please share your thoughts via email with us: hello@visaya.solutions

We love to hear your feedback!

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Welcome to Visaya, the open platform for process automation
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