#WishIknew What are the thermocouple types?


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I wish I knew what are the thermocouple types!

Yes, there are a bunch of them, but each thermocouple type has a specific temperature range (F = degrees Fahrenheit and C = degrees Celsius) and a standard accuracy. Take a look:

  • B: 32 to 3100 F (0 to 1700 C) and accuracy of +-0.5 percent
  • E: -454 to 1600 F (-270 to 870 C) and accuracy of +-1.7 C or +-0.5 percent
  • J:  -346 to 1400 F (-210 to 760 C) and accuracy of +-2.2 C or +-.75 percent
  • K: –454 to 2300 F (–270 to 1260 C) and accuracy of +-2.2 C or +-.75 percent
  • N: -454 to 2300 F (-270 to 1260 C) and accuracy of +-2.2 C or +-.75 percent
  • R: -58 to 2700 F (-50 to 1480 C) and accuracy of +-1.5 C or +-.25 percent
  • S: -58 to 2700F (-50 to 1480C) and accuracy of +/- 1.5C or +/- .25 percent
  • T: -454 to 700 F (-270 to 370 C) and accuracy of +-1.0 C or +-.75 percent

This video has more information about temperature measurement:

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#WishIknew What are the thermocouple types?
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