#WishIKnew – What’s a differential pressure gauge transmitter?


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I wish I knew what a differential pressure gauge transmitter is!

Before we discuss the differential pressure gauge transmitter, you need to know the differential pressure transmitter (DP). If you don’t know and want to learn just enough to hop back into this post, we have a #WishIKnew on it! You can check it out here.

Before I go into this explanation, let’s have a super-quick recap on the differential pressure gauge and the basics on DP transmitters.

Gauge pressure is the difference between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure. You can learn more about the different types of pressure in this other post here.

differential pressure gauge
courtesy of Coulton Instrumentation

A DP transmitter has two pressure chambers divided by a diaphragm. The transmitter reads the difference in pressure between these chambers.

A differential pressure gauge transmitter works the same way. However, one of the chambers, the low-pressure side, is open to the atmosphere, so you can’t apply any other pressure there. Therefore the device will always give the difference of the pressure applied to the high-pressure side and the atmospheric pressure. And that’s it for this one too!

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