#WishIknew What is a thermocouple?


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I wish I knew what is a thermocouple!

We have many types of temperature sensors on the market – resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), infrared sensors, thermistors, silicon diodes – the list goes on. But depending on your process requirements, a thermocouple may be your best option.

Usually, companies use thermocouples in high-temperature areas where RTDs fear to tread. Unfortunately, thermocouples have less long-term accuracy than RTDs because of that same heat.

Thermocouples have two different metals inside and use the thermoelectric effect to measure. That means that when you heat one end of the sensor, each metal will react differently. This difference will generate millivolts at the other end in proportion to the temperature at the heated end.

You may need a special table of reference to find the relation between the millivolts and the temperature. Some transmitters can do this for you, too.

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#WishIknew What is a thermocouple?
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