#WishIknew What is differential pressure measurement?


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I wish I knew what differential pressure measurement is!

Today you can find better solutions to measure flow and level, but field techs and engineers still love their pressure transmitters. Because they’ve dominated the industry for so long, a device that uses differential pressure measurement remains the default choice for installations, problem-solving, and more. However, this dated method will have to give away eventually.

differential pressure measurement and differential pressure transmitter
Courtesy of Coulton

Anyway, these devices measure three types of pressure – absolute, gauge, and differential. These devices vary in the reference point. Absolute pressure has a vacuum as its reference, gauge the atmosphere, and differential the difference between two points.

A cool use of differential pressure transmitters is to measure compressed air filters. Once you have the filters installed, then you have to check their efficiency.  This differential pressure measurement can help the operator schedule maintenance, increase reliability, and so on. You can also deploy a differential pressure transmitter to measure flow, level, and more.

Check out this video for more on this concept:

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