In the flow category, you will find all information you need to know about flow devices and also applications. In this section, we are going to review a number of devices, make comparisons between two devices from different companies with similar features, and explain the concepts behind the technologies.

Flow Q&A 2 mins

Flow measurement range Promag P 300

I am looking for a new flow meter, and I have a question about Endress+Hauser's magmeter. What's the measurement range of the Promag P 300 and where can I scale out the flow meter? ...
Flow Q&A 1 min

Display information PROMAG P 300

My plant has recently bought a new flow meter, the Promag P 300. I have a quick question about setting up the display. What is the procedure for changing the information on the screen? ...
Flow Q&A 1 min

Output Promag P 300

How can I integrate the Promag P 300 into my control system? I'd like to know all the output and protocols available. ...
Flow Q&A 1 min

HART Communication- PROMASS Q 300

I bought a new PROMASS Q 300 and am hoping to integrate the device using the HART protocol! Which kind of information do I need for the PV, SV, TV, and QV input values? ...
Flow Q&A 1 min

Maximum temperatures of Promag P 300

Hey, I'm looking for a new magmeter for my application. I am already a little bit familiar with some of the flow meters from Endress+Hauser. Could you tell me the temperature range support by the PROMAG P 300? ...
Flow 2 mins

How to find technical manual Promag P 300

Could you provide the link to the technical manual for Promag P 300? ...
Flow 5 mins

House of Mass: Fancy Coriolis mass flow meters

Fancy Coriolis mass flow meters House of Cards in the automation world? Have you ever seen the House of Cards series on Netflix? Great show. It depicts life backstage in the political world and everything that happens to win campaigns and avoid impeachment and other unsavory ends. I recommend it! ...
Flow Product Review 5 mins

Comparison: OPTIMASS 7400 vs Proline PROMASS I 300

OPTIMASS 7400 vs Proline PROMASS I 300 I had a great time with my last flow measurement project in Brazil. The customer, a big Brazilian food company, had some natural gas to measure. This application only needed the totalization of the flow measurement, so it sounds easy, yeah? But it was outside ...
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