The article explains the working principle of the capacitance level sensor for point level detection.

Capacitance basically means the ability to hold a charge, right? Capacitance level sensors work by detecting the change in the capacitance of the capacitor created by a sensor probe and a conductive tank wall. On the other hand, when you have air between the sensor and the wall, you have a set value of capacitance. As soon as the level rises in the tank, the capacitance rises too.

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Capacitance level sensor use cases

You can use a capacitance level sensor in non-conductive media with conductive values below one micro-siemens per centimeter. You’ll need a local calibration, though. For processes in products with values higher than 100 micro-siemens, the factory can do the calibration for you! But remember, there’s a gray area between these values where you shouldn’t use these devices.

One type of capacitance level sensor also works in plastic tanks. Also keep in mind you need the right ground for the tank and level sensor. Your vendors should tell you what you need in your process.

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