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About us

Visaya by Automation24 - Find, configure and buy industrial automation products

Visaya becomes Automation24

In 2021, the unique mission of Visaya, which for almost 4 years has provided millions of users with informative content for process automation and accessibility to more than 7,000 industrial automation products, will be reinforced.

Visaya is becoming part of Automation24 - One stop. Smart shop. - who has served customers in factory automation for almost 10 years with its innovative power. Under the new Automation24 brand, the best of two worlds will be combined into a one-stop destination for industrial automation (factory automation, process automation & safety). Our knowledge in the process automation industry and experience in digital assets built for efficient product search and configuration will continue to serve customers who deserve a better market and accessibility to advanced solutions.

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Why change?

  • We’re bringing a more solid and comprehensive product portfolio in automation technologies, combining factory and process automation
  • We’re pursuing strongly together our mission to innovate how people buy industrial automation products
  • We will provide an even more customer-centric service by leveraging the strength of Automation24 in native customer support for 11 target markets plus the fast, efficient and solid supply chain capacity

What will happen to the Visaya Online-Shop?

We foresee the transition of products to the Automation24 website to be completed in the middle of the year 2021. Until then, you can request quotes and orders for the products you found and configured in the Visaya online-shop.