Visaya’s Top 17 Accomplishments

We had a wonderful time in 2017 and a lot to show for all of our hard work. Just to list a few, take a look at our top 17 accomplishments of 2017.

  1. We reached over 1 million unique users to our site
  2. We published 239 articles
  3. We published 349 Q&As
  4. We published 121 product reviews and comparisons
  5.  2,647 devices added to our Device Directory
  6. On LinkedIn we gained over 1,162 new followers
  7. This years we received 529,713 organic impressions from LinkedIn
  8. We shot, edited and published 56 Visaya Videos
  9. We have uploaded over 70 videos to our YouTube channel
  10. Covered our first event! The Hannover Fair
  11. We implemented knowledge sharing sessions where team members can discuss their areas of expertise
  12. Reached 25k followers on Facebook
  13. Our Instagram following grew to over 1,705
  14. We posted process automation pictures and videos to Instagram over 123 times
  15. Our Twitter followering grew to 548
  16. We have tweeted about process automation over 1,600 times
  17. We survived moving offices twice!










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