Does Your Startup Need a YouTube Channel?

I spent some time behind the scenes with Germán and David making the famous Visaya videos. In fact, we managed to a created a gameshow, write a new christmas carol, and played around with legos- all in one week!

Putting together the Visaya Videos isn’t just fun and games. In actuality, it is a lot of work. When you remember that there are more than one billion unique visitors to youtube each month it seems crazy not to put in the effort. Another point to remember is that the only search engine larger than youtube is google!

Not only does our youtube channel attract people to our site, it delivers our content in an engaging way.

“We did not want to reinvent the wheel. We took inspiration from different sources and saw how the status quo has been changed. News Platforms on social media have become how people get their news. Same goes for science topics even more difficult to understand than process automation. There are youtube videos on quantum physics and they have millions of views.” -Germán Sarmiento, Partnership Manager

Brand Baby Brand

Every piece of content that your startup puts out should be viewed as an extension of your brand identity. This includes your youtube videos.

First things first, your startup should have a clear definition of what your brand is. This starts with who you are, what you do, how you do it. Keep in mind it also comes down to the nitty gritty stuff like fonts and color schemes. On youtube you can play around with banners and custom tabs to make sure everything is on brand.

Link it up

Don’t forget to have your website link to your youtube channel and vice versa. Youtube can be a great way to get more visitors and future customers to your site. On the other hand, people who already visit your site can further their interaction with your brand on youtube.

“How we buy things is influenced a lot by youtube. When was the last time you bought something expensive? Did you watch a review of the product? How about someone telling you about the features they liked and what they felt? The goal is to create a high quality, unbiased video you can relate to. Not just a sales pitch.” -Germán Sarmiento, Partnership Manager

Check it out!

If you want to learn more about how get started, youtube has a Creator Academy. There they provide informational videos to guide you and your brand. Word to the wise, never not take advantage of  free resource! Follow this link to get started.

Lastly, to see an example of one of our famous Visaya Videos follow the link here.



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