A major supplier of membrane systems based out of Poland provides equipment for many milk processing facilities. This company’s solutions support customers with animal feeding, calf rearing, herd management, milking equipment, and milk processing and preservation.

In addition, it supplies food processing plants with equipment that helps produce and package finished products. These processes require hygienic thermometers at multiple steps, and the Endress + Hauser TMR35 serves a solution to them.

Hygienic thermometers

Today, the global market for hygienic thermometers is very large and counts many suppliers who provide modular, hygienic thermometers with high variability. This leads to a sizable choice of possible configurations.

Easytemp TMR35 Compact hygienic thermometer
in the shop from 116 €

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In this context, since Endress Hauser offers products like Liquiphant TFL20H, FTL20, Cerabar T PMP135, and Easytemp TMR35, using such products helped the Poland-based customer to increase its efficiency level and offer compact solutions. These devices now support machines in clean-in-place (CIP) processes and membrane filtration systems for product lines.

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The company  TMR35 because of its advanced technology and cost-efficiency. The customer also liked their short sensor response times, fast installations (M12 plug connectors), and compact size.

Moreover, compact thermometers offer a number of benefits. They are
swiftly installed and easy to operate. It is no wonder that compact thermometers are becoming more widely accepted. In addition, they offer fast and easy commissioning.

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Lastly, the hygienic thermometer has an extremely short response time, is highly accurate even with short insertion lengths, and has a thin film Pt100 sensor element with accuracy class A (IEC 60751).

For information on such products and also to find out more on the working applications of such hygienic thermometers,you can get in touch with our engineers!

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