Flexible Schedule: Should your startup give employees the freedom to chose their own schedule?

For many people (notice how I did not say millennials?), the 9-5 way of life does not fit into with their life. For instance, more and more professionals are working from home. Here at Visaya, we give our employees the ability to create their own flexible schedule.

Flexible Schedule

Startups are an amazing test ground to push boundaries and rethink traditional work dynamics. Companies are always looking for ways to acquire and retain top talent. Luckily for startups, they have the ability to experiment. So why not give employees the chance to chose their own flexible schedule? It is 2017 folks! We all know that employee’s needs are much more nuanced than a number on a paycheck.

Attracting Talent

WorldatWork’s Survey on Workplace Flexibility in 2013, asked 1,500 workers how they ranked flexibility in an employment offer. One third chose it as their top factor.

Honestly, this doesn’t come as some huge surprise. People live dynamic, chaotic and hectic lives. Also, employees can view the freedom to chose their own flexible schedule as a sign of respect and trust from their managers and bosses. Because really, does anyone want to be micromanaged?

Flexible Schedule
Bailey Keogh, Digital Marketing Visaya

“There was this one crazy week where my apartment was flooded. Of course, the only time a plumber could come was in the middle of the day during my work week. Having a flexible schedule gave me the ability to work around my appointment time with the plumber. I didn’t have to take any days off and it was one less stress dealing with an annoying situation.” –Bailey Keogh, Digital Marketing Visaya

Retaining Talent

 Employee turnover can be costly for any business. For startup culture, in particular, burnout can be another huge problem. When you throw a bunch of passionate, excited, and overworked people together -it can be a lot.

Germán Sarmiento, Partnership Manager

“I have family in Italy and I really appreciate being able to take a plane on a Thursday and return to work Monday or Tuesday afternoon. During that time, I either work remotely or put in more hours during the week. But it is worth it being able to spend time with my family.” -Germán Sarmiento, Partnership Manager Visaya

In startups, employers can often ask a lot of their employees. Conversely, employees can have a higher level of emotional investment in the success of the business. Giving people perks is one thing but giving people perks they actually care about can lead to better results.

 From research by WFD Consulting, a survey of five organizations reported that commitment was 55% higher for employees with flexibility. Even further, the same study showed that employees dealing with stress or burnout was 57% lower.

Possible Drawbacks

 A lot of these findings have been available for years. So why doesn’t every business give their employees a flexible schedule? What are the drawbacks?

Well, all businesses aren’t the same. What works really well for one industry can be disastrous to the company culture of another.

Amongst some employers, there is this antiquated idea that if employees are left to their own devices they will just slack off. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Clare Kehlliher’s article, “Doing More with Less” explained that some employees may respond to flexibility by exerting additional effort in attempt to repay their employer. As a result burnout can still happen.

It is imperative that management understands the workload their employees undertake and handle expectations accordingly.

Visayans love their Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedule
Visaya Team

 We here at Visaya love our flexible schedule because quite simply the flexibility our schedules give us. But that is not to say we come and go as we please all the time. We schedule our work week around meetings. Raphael, a content writer, likes to sleep in and come at 3pm. Paula, in digital marketing, is here 3 days a week before 10am for her morning meetings. Quality employees are responsible and will find what works for them.

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