The most-read articles in August 2017

This month we took a trip through the world of temperature! We had a ton of articles, Q&A, and videos to bring more information about this universe. Beyond that, Fady Mettias shared with us his experience as a senior field engineer. That conversation can give you good insights about life in the field. Mettias works as an Endress+Hauser representative in Egypt, and he solves problems, commissions new devices, and other things.

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I’m heading home, but you can still see the top articles in August. Enjoy!

Most read articles august 2017 Temperature
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House of Mass: Fancy Coriolis mass flow meters

The automation world resembles House of Cards, only with fewer impeachments. All these companies compete with each other, but unlike the series, they mostly respect each other. And the battle rages over features, technology, and everything that pushes the industry forward. In general, this helps everyone, so I’m cool with it. READ MORE

10 automation books you must read before you die!

In general, we in the automation world are lucky. Few people want to create fake news about us, and nobody will try to sell you a device that lacks functions mentioned in the advertising. However, we still have a lot of fine print, and some marketing seems more confusing than informative.  READ MORE

Visaya, the open platform for process automation

Have you ever thought about how McDonald’s makes its sauces? And have you ever wondered how vitamin companies churn out their products on such a large scale? Or did you ever look at a Heineken bottle and say, “How is this so good?” If so, then Visaya can help you learn the answers to those questions and more. READ MORE

Temperature measurement and control systems!

Today, you have tons of ways to connect your instrumentation to your control system, but as always, all the options have good points and bad. With an application where you have to connect temperature sensors to your system, which option(s) will work best for you? READ MORE

#pAutomator Fady Mettias, Senior Field Engineer

Hey, it’s time to talk with a lovely member of the automation community! Our guest today caught my attention on social media, sharing interesting pictures and comments about daily visits to different customers. In fact, his insights on LinkedIn help a lot of users in his network. So I added him and we had a nice conversation about the automation world. READ MORE

#WishIknew When do I use a thermocouple compensation cable?

When you use a thermocouple, you can connect it to your control system or transmitter in many ways. The simplest way uses an extension cable or compensating cable. Extension cables use the same material as the thermocouple, so they send the electromotive force (EMF) accurately. X marks the spot, or in this case, the extension cable. You can find this information on the cable’s description, such as “JX” on a cable for a type-J thermocouple. READ MORE

#WishIknew how do you calibrate a thermocouple?

You have several ways that apply to all thermocouple types, but the right way for you depends on your conditions. However, you always need a calibration furnace. So let’s go through the options. READ MORE

HART communication – PROMASS Q 300

I bought a new PROMASS Q 300 and am hoping to integrate the device using the HART protocol! Which kind of information do I need for the PV, SV, TV, and QV input values? READ MORE

Temperature sensor supported by VIVACE VTT10-F

I was looking at the new VTT10-F from VIVACE Instruments and would like to know which types of temperature sensors it supports. READ MORE


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