So You Want to Work for a Startup?

The road to working for a startup is different for everyone. Some fall into it while others seek it out. I will be interviewing the employees of Visaya. In an effort to share their stories for those looking to be a part of a start up or curious about what it’s like to work for one.

I honestly could not think of a better group of people to ask. We are an international team hailing from about 5 different countries all with our own diverse skill sets and backgrounds. I thought I would start off my first interview with Visaya’s first employee, Fabrício.

Fabricio has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the process automation and instrumentation industry. He began his career as a field technician with Emerson Process Management in his home country, Brazil. Later on, he was promoted to a position as a Senior Technician.

It wasn’t until 2013 that he made a move to Endress + Hauser as a product manager. There he proceeded to provide marketing material, training, seminars and technical support. He received a Heartbeat Marketing award as well as Rookie of the Year in 2015 as a Business Manager.

#pAutomator Interview:

How did you find your way into Visaya?

I was part of the creation of Visaya. So I was the first employee and when I moved here [to Berlin] everything was just starting. We had like a basic idea but we had to start developing the idea together. I think of Visaya as my baby.

Did you know at the start of your career you would end up doing something like this?

No, I never thought so before. I had my first blog in 2013. When I wrote my first article the company that I used to work with, they just didn’t support me to publish the article. So I decided to create my own blog. Since then I wrote a lot of articles. Then, the blog was just to promote me as a professional.

Now, it is shared content. It’s something that I enjoy, but I never thought before I would be sharing content, creating a knowledge base, working with digital marketing -it’s completely new for me!

Which job is harder? Working in an office or out in a field?

So I think it’s a different kind of challenge. In the field, it depends what you do. For example, if you work in an industry usually you have the same issues. Sometimes you have something new where you need to try to find the solution. But usually, it’s always the same.

When you work for vendor it’s completely different because you are traveling around your country or wherever to solve problems and everyday its something new.

Here at Visaya its a big challenge for me because of its digital marketing and content marketing. So it’s something new for me in my career.

There are a lot of tricky things to learn. You also need to connect with things that are happening to improve your content. That is something that I need to be, connected.

And sharing content in the way we do at Visaya is a challenge as well because I need to always try to find a relationship between a daily thing and the technical side of the content. I always try to somehow simplify and make the content a little more interesting

So yeah you have different challenges out in the field and here at Visaya. For me with Visaya right now, it’s a huge challenge because it’s something new. The whole company is new and we have a big vision, and you know, it’s a start up. We don’t know if we are going to survive or not. So this is something that excites me. It somehow makes me think.

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