Preventable mistakes with vortex flow meters

Vortex flow meters are ideal for many applications, like saturated steam or flow energy management (natural gas, steam, water). In some of these cases, installation may need some expertise. Kam Bansal, the director of engineering at Sierra Instruments, has some tips for avoiding common mistakes with your vortex flow meters.

Vortex flow meter mistakes to avoid

#1 – Water hammer

If you’ve ever turned on your shower and heard the pipes go bang, you created a water hammer. Commonly caused by opening or closing a valve too quickly, it occurs when water zooms through a pipe fast enough to pack a serious punch.

Commercial pipes can create water hammers so fast that they can damage sensors. To avoid this issue in steam systems, reduce condensation by opening and closing valves slowly to ease the pressure.

#2 – Incorrect range or pipe size

A vendors will build a vortex meter based on a customer’s specific process data. This means an out-of-the-box meter will only work for the original order’s conditions.

Usually, you can’t make any changes once you install the meter in the field. However, Sierra’s InnovaMass iSeries apps allow you to change variables in the field with “dial-a-pipe” and tune meter factors.

You can also adjust your meter with the local push buttons. But if you think your process may approach the meter’s maximum pressure or temperature, you should buy a higher-rated meter rather than risk overheating or over-pressurizing.

Now you can avoid these issues when you do your daily tasks or buy your next meter. This short video by Kam will give you a deeper explanation on these vortex issues.

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Author: Scott Rouse, Product Line Director @ Sierra Instruments

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