The most read articles in April 2017 – Learn more about pressure measurement, Hannover Messe 2017, solutions and more. #HM17

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1. PEOPLE: Interviewing Alan Furlaneto from INTERTEC-Hess GmbH: Please welcome Alan Furlaneto, an engineer with more than 10 years of experience in large enterprises! For a long time, Furlaneto was an instrumentation tech and specialist in flow metering systems. He also headed many automation projects, directing project management and field activities. Today, Alan works in sales and marketing, helping INTERTEC-Hess GmbH develop a new market in South America. #HM17

2. IIoT presentation at Emerson Exchange: Yep, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) again! But this time someone else will do the talking besides me! At the Emerson Exchange, a big annual event in the instrumentation world, Emerson Automation Solutions presented its IIoT strategy. This event usually shows off hot new concepts and technology, and  Emerson’s vision of the future rarely disappoints. This company drives a lot of innovation, and aligning with their vision can bring a host of benefits. #HM17

3. Absolute, gauge, and differential pressure: Now that we’re talking about pressure, let’s cover things related to this principle and its solutions. As you may have learned early on, pressure is a primary variable in instrumentation and process measurement. You can measure a ton of things using a pressure transmitter, like flow and level. However, you may still have questions about this basic principle if you’re new to the field. Well, guess what? I’m here to simplify everything and make your life easier today. #HM17

4. Windows or Mac? EDDL or FDT/DTM? What’s up, gang? Let’s talk about integration today! We live in an inclusive society now, or at least we try. The instrumentation world needs inclusion too, because we have to integrate our field devices into our systems and platforms, regardless of the brands or their languages. Of course, in this case when I say languages, I mean protocols like HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, and more. #HM17

5. What does pH have to do with Coca-Cola? What do you know about pH? Don’t worry, it’s not a pop quiz. I’ll help you understand pH and its relationships with many things in your daily life, like Coca-Cola, water, and your body!

6. 7 pressure transmitters you must know! Hey hey hey! Here I am again with an exciting new list for you today! Throughout April we’re creating content related to pressure transmitters, including their use in level and flow applications. You’ll also see our usual product reviews and comparisons, where we cover all the features to help you figure out if the devices suit your next application.

7. FINAL Recap – Everything you need to know! #HM17 As the largest industrial fair in the world, Hannover Messe makes for a good place to lose weight, because you have to walk a lot! Yeah, we had shuttles, but sometimes walking is faster than waiting for the bus. Next year, I’ll wear my sneakers. I had my fancy kicks and believe me, those five days felt like forever. In fact, maybe I’ll get a scooter. 

8. Comparison: Deltabar S PMD75 vs Rosemount 3051S: What’s up, gang? Ready for another comparison? I know you are! As you can see from the other articles we posted this month on Visaya, we’re on a journey through the world of pressure. Even though pressure transmitters show up in tons of applications, you still get people with basic questions about them. We can’t cover everything in only one month, but we’ll do what we can and get the rest later.

9. How to make perfect french fries under pressure: This week in Visaya Weekly we learn how pressure measurement helps in the production of one of our favorite guilty pleasure, French Fries. I hit the streets of Berlin once again to find out if people can figure out what the relationship between these devices and chips.

10. This is the Most Emotional Video You Will Ever See (as far as Process Automation goes) Visaya is an independent digital platform for process automation. Since January we have shared all types of content with you guys, and today on our 10th episode of Visaya weekly we want to highlight why we do what we do.

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