For years, the pharmaceutical industry has recorded variables, such as warehouse climate control, manually, which made the systems prone to human error and the measurements slow and inefficient. This is where the AirGate Modbus comes in – a smart wireless gateway that allowed the company to switch to remote temperature monitoring.

With the improvement of good practices and the emergence of strict pharmaceutical regulations, automation companies had to begin creating devices capable of measuring and recording most variables in diverse environments. The article discusses how AirGate Modbus smart wireless gateway provided accurate and compact wireless monitoring for a German pharmaceutical company.

The challenge of remote temperature monitoring

A Brazilian pharmaceutical company with two factory units had been using thermo-hygrometers in the areas for temperature monitoring, requiring employees in all work shifts to record the temperatures at certain times and places. This inefficiency delayed actions on abnormal occurrences, such as out-of-specification temperature trips. Also, the current method did not provide enough records for analysis and decision-making to improve the process.

After consulting with experts, the leadership of the plant decided to implement a remote temperature monitoring solution built on the AirGate Modbus smart wireless gateway.

The AirGate Modbus smart wireless gateway

The company used a NOVUS remote temperature monitoring solution composed of RHT Air remote temperature and humidity sensors: the AirGate Modbus wireless gateway. This choice gave the company accurate, compact, and calibratable devices that don’t require cables.

Wireless monitoring is an economical and flexible option. Using a FieldLogger  ensures data availability and safety in contingency situations. And the SCADA SuperView software is an easy-to-operate program. It also meets ANVISA and FDA requirements for access control, data integrity, traceability, registration, and electronic signature.

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The benefits of remote temperature monitoring

The key challenge, size, and layout of the company’s facilities called for a wireless gateway to relay the information from temperature and humidity sensors. It needed to be secure and robust, allowing wireless communication and avoiding infrastructure changes in the facilities.

The AirGate Modbus, a smart and robust gateway, is ideal for remote temperature monitoring. It has a range of up to 3000 feet. It operates through the NOVUS-Air protocol (IEEE 802.15.4), its own wireless network, making it independent from the customer’s IT infrastructure. The AirGate Modbus also secures its data with 128-bit encryption and is smart adaptive, using frequency bands with less interference to provide stability and reliability.

SWG70 Intelligent WirelessHART Gateway with Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces


By developing the AirGate Modbus wireless gateway, NOVUS has provided an efficient solution for updating pharmaceutical factories. NOVUS combines its high-tech devices with qualified service for a complete package.

To know more about remote temperature monitoring or smart wireless gateways, you can get in touch with our engineers!

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