Vortex flow meters are broad spectrum flow meters one can use in areas of metering, measuring and control of liquid, gas or mostly steam flow. Many prefer these devices due to their high stability, the versatility of medium and their high reliability.

As such, the petroleum and chemical industries, as well as metallurgy, food, paper, urban pipeline heating, and other coal and gas industries widely use these flowmeters. This article discusses seven vortex devices that are useful in the area of flowmeters.

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How does the vortex work?

It follows the principle of von Karman effect, stating that the fluid generates vortices alternately on either side when the steam encounters the bluff or bar-like obstruction.

When it attains a particular flow rate, a series of vortices is caused downstream of the bluff body. Zones of high and low-pressure vortices are formed, and these differences in pressure exactly match the frequency of the vortices. A mechanical sensor of the flow meter senses and measures this. It is  primarily to measure the mass, volume, density and other parameters of the flowing fluid.

Proline Prowirl F 200

The Prowirl F 200 has a lot of tricks. As per the interface is concerned, we can see it has the same interface as a level radar from Endress+Hauser, which means we don’t have to figure out a new layout. That also equals same set up and same logic behind the buttons!

As a loop-powered device, the Prowirl uses the same cable for power and communication at the same time. No more tangles! We also have a ton of options for variables like volume, mass flow, energy flow, temperature, and more. 

It has a great measuring range too. We can get anywhere from 2 to 32 166 meters cubed per hour on steam at 180 degrees Celsius and 10 bar of pressure. And your error margin in volume flow maxes at +- 1 percent and in mass flow at + – 1.7 percent (steam, gas). That’s tight!

Kobold: DVE Multi-Parameter Vortex Flowmeter

The Kobold DVE series comes with many variants (V, T, P, E) that offer distinct possibilities. The DVE integrates output capability with single line penetration. It also simplifies system complexity and helps reduce initial equipment cost, installation, and maintenance costs.

The DVE-V provides cost-effective volumetric flow monitoring solution for low-viscosity liquids. The DVE-T incorporates temperature sensing to provide compensated mass flow reading of saturated steam. The DVE-P delivers mass flow, temperature, pressure, and density readings. As for the output options, the DVE gets analog, limit switches, HART and Modbus protocols.

The device gets a LCD indicator with alphanumeric 2-line (16 characters) with six push buttons for configuration. Additionally, it gets 316L stainless steel for wetted material which is rust-proof and chemical resistant. Also, the device receives a standard temperature range of -200 to 260°C. For the high-temperature option, it gets a range of -200 to 400°C.

As for the accuracy, the device has a volumetric flow rate of +/-1.2% and +/-1.5% of reading in liquids and gas, a mass flow rate of +/-1.5% and +/-2.0% of reading in liquids and gas, a density accuracy of +/-0.3% and +/-0.5% for reading.

Furthermore, it also gets hazardous protection approvals from ATEX and IECEx. If you are looking for a low-cost vortex flowmeter for hazardous applications, the DVE and its variants is an apt choice for you.  

Yokogawa: DigitalYEWFLO Series Vortex Flow Meter

The digitalYEWFLO comes with a ton of features like the multivariable, reduced bore and cryogenic options. Its unique Spectral Signal Processing (SSP) means that it provides high accuracy and stability in harsh process conditions.

The Multivariable option has a built-in temperature sensor that performs temperature measurement. The Reduced Bore gets a reduced bore with concentric piping for fluids with lower flow range. The Cryogenic version is for fluids with a process temperature as low as -196°C. Lastly, it has a high-temperature option with a process range of -29 to +450°C.

With powerful electronics such as SSP, the device can automatically select the optimum adjustment for its applications. It features self-diagnostics, such as high vibration of the piping and pulsating flow automatically. As for the output option, the device gets Foundation Fieldbus, BRAIN and HART protocol. The device receives a degree of protection of IP67, which is dust-proof and decently water resistant.

Furthermore, it gets 316L stainless steel for wetted material which is rust-proof and chemical resistant. It gets a housing made of Polyurethane coated with a corrosion-resistance layer. As for the accuracy, the device has a flow rate of +/-0.75% of reading in liquids and a +/-0.5 to +/-1% reading in gas or steam applications.

Additionally, the device also has Ex- certification from ATEX, CSA, FM, TIIS, and IECEx. To sum up, the digitalYEWFLO series is best suited for cryogenic application and in hazardous flow meter applications!

ABB: VortexMaster FSV450 Vortex Flow Meter

The FSV450 gets multiple integral mount options, such as flange and wafer including dual sensor capability. The FSV450 vortex flow meter measures the flow of vapor, liquid, steam or gas with integrated binary output. It also has optional temperature measurement and compensation and flow computer bifunctionality.

With a degree of protection of IP67, the device is dust-proof and resistant to high-pressure water jets. Also, with wetted materials such as 316L and Hastelloy C, the device is resistant to abrasion, rust, and corrosion as.

The device has a process temperature range of -55 to 280°C and a high-temperature range of -55 to 400°C. As for the accuracy, the device gets a 0.65% reading in liquids and 0.9% reading for gas/steam application. Also, it gets a temperature accuracy of ±1 °C or 1 % of reading. Not only that, but the device also has approvals for hazardous applications from ATEX, IECEx, cFMus, and NEPSI too.

Additionally, the device features an operating mode of biogas. It gets a standard LCD indicator with four push buttons for operation and navigation. As for output options, it gets a 4-20 mA analog, HART protocol (HART 7) and Modbus RS485. In conclusion, if you are looking for a flowmeter with good accuracy and hazardous approvals, the FSV450 is for you!

Schneider Electric: Foxboro Model 84S Vortex Flow Meter

The Foxboro Model 84S is a high-performance sanitary vortex flowmeters for use in pharmaceutical sanitary liquid services and CIP systems. The device gets a 4-20 mA, and HART communication protocol for remote configuration and calibration.

The device has an LCD indicator for local configuration along with navigation keys for operation. The 84S has features like the ActiveTuning algorithm that corrects real time Reynolds number, compensates for piping effects and also performs adaptive filtering and signal conditioning.

Foxboro also offers another interesting feature- FlowExpertPro program that ensures that the user has selected the proper flowmeter type for the application. The FlowExpertPro also provides a meter selection tool as a free website to all users.

The device has a process temperature range of -18 to 177°C for liquid, gas and steam applications with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of reading in liquids and +/- 1.0% of reading in gas and steam. With approval from 3A, the 84S comes with no moving parts. It gets wetted materials such as 316/316L SS and finished to 25 microinch sanitary standards.

Another notable feature is the DirectSense technology. It measures pressure pulses from vortex shedding directly without mechanical linkages. It also provides increased measurement sensitivity for broader range ability and greater immunity to pipe vibration. To sum up, the Model 84S is a viable choice for hygienic and sanitary applications.

Siemens: SITRANS FX300 Vortex Flow meter

The FX300 provides accurate volumetric and mass flow of fluids with integrated temperature and pressure compensation. It gets a local LC display with two lines and ten characters per line spacing and multiple language options.

It comes in different variants, such as a single or dual transmitter versions. One also has integral mount choices of flange and sandwich options, suitable for measuring industrial conductive and non-conductive liquids.

The FX300 is deployed in an operating temperature range of -40 to +240°C at an accuracy of +/-0.75% for liquids, +/-1% for steam and gases for the standard version. As for the pressure and temperature compensated version, it has an accuracy of +/-0.75% for liquids, and  +/-1.5% for gases at repeatability of +/-0.1%.

There is nothing notable about its output option and communication, other than 4-20 mA and HART digital protocol. Other exciting features include the hazardous approvals it gets from ATEX and FM. It gets a degree of protection of IP67, which makes the device dust-tight and semi water-resistant.

Furthermore, it gets a wide range of wetted material options- 1.4404, 1.4435, Hastelloy C22, and many more. In short, the FX300 is the one you need to look for if your applications have a wide variety of conductive and non-conductive fluids that you need to measure accurately.

Omega: FV-505C Vortex Flow meters

The Omega FV505C is the right flowmeter option if you are looking to measure the flow of low viscosity fluids and other conductive liquids. It gets a clear parallel two-line LCD that displays simultaneous flow rate and total flow rate along with process diagnosis. Similarly to Yokogawa digitalYEWFLO series, the Omega FV505C also utilizes the technology of Spectral Signal Processing.

The device gets a ton of features that can find a lot of uses for your flow meter applications. It receives a process temperature range of -40 to 260°C for the general variant, and a variety of -40 to 450°C for the high temperature variant with an accuracy of ±0.75% of reading liquids. It also has ±1% of reading for gas/steam respectively with a repeatability of ±0.2% of reading.

Also, it has different mounting options, such as flange and wafer. The wetted material is Duplex stainless steel. As for the functions, it can deliver self-diagnostics, Reynolds number correction, Gas Expansion Correction, Data security during power failure, and Downscale or Upscale Burn. To make a long story short, the Omega FV505C is a fine vortex flowmeter that offers high accuracy with significant repeatability and stability!

In a Nutshell…

The Vortex flowmeters featured in this article come with a ton of possibilities and features that are unique and work best at rated operating conditions. If you need an economical yet efficient device, the Kobold DVE series is a good choice. Also, if you are looking for something for beyond-ordinary applications such as Cryogenic, the digitalYEWFLO is for you.

Lastly, if your application demands your vortex meter to be highly precise, then both the Omega FV505C and SITRANS FX300 are apt. If you need a device for hygienic and sanitary applications, 84S from Foxboro is for you!

To know more about vortex flow meters, you can get in touch with our engineers and we will be happy to help.

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