Tech Booster : Heartbeat Technology – Proof Testing and Self-Calibration

What are Tech Boosters?

Tech Boosters are webinars that offer a broad know-how on connectivity topics. It showcases hands-on maintenance in the field or engineering station on-screen material. Most of all, it talks over difficulties using Process Industry related devices, platforms, and applications. In addition, they act as catalysts for lively discussions around the best solution available. We are Endress+Hauser blue, but we want to offer the best and simplest products to our Process Industry mates. For registration click here.

Who´s presenting them?

I, Markus Reisgies, Trainer-MVT Training, Endress+Hauser Process Solutions, will be presenting this. SystemWorld is our Process Automation playground, equipped with field devices, switches and a lot of computing power. We are working on scenarios around Digital Communication, Device Integration, and Digital Services.

Image of Techboosters Heartbeat Technology
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

His personal interests include trying out things, setting up customer scenarios, helping them find a way through the jungle of connectivity. “While doing so, I won’t step back from using internet sources like YoutTube. In most cases it wasn’t me to experience an issue the first time,” he says.   

The July Tech Boosters focus around field device service and maintenance. I shall show you several tools available devices commissioned, calibrated or verified. Have a look at the topics, probably you might find something in for you! We set the same session twice, so you chance to fit into your daily schedule. 

Regular proof testing saves time to spend for calibrations, right? But does it really matter to test any process meter? In this session, we have a closer look at the meter verification of Endress flowmeters. We will compare the functionality to the Smart Meter Verification of Micromotion flowmeters. We shall also have a closer look at the self-calibration function of thermometers by using a ferromagnetic effect at the curie temperature.

Tech Boosters are brought to you via the GoToWebinar remote sessions, live and interactive. Let us know about your perspective on handhelds, tablets, and smartphones in the field through your participation via chat and poll questions.

For registration click here.

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