Let the Job Hunt Begin!

Check out these five places to kick start your Engineer Job Hunt.

1. Company Specific Sites

Within the automation industry some companies are HUGE! The likelihood that Procter & Gamble will have a position open in your field is actually pretty likely. That is of course if you are considering moving.

If you don’t know where to begin start by looking up companies with a high employee retention rate. This means they are treating their employees well enough that they don’t want to leave.

In our Job Hunter newsletter we consistently have postings from large companies like: ABB, Emerson, Endress & Hauser, Siemens and Honeywell.

Emerson Automation Solutions #pAutomator Alex Rodrigues
Alex Rodrigues, Instrumentation Technician

2. Engineer Specific Search Engines

If they are available why not take advantage of them? Some of our favorites include EngineerJobs.comEngineering.com/jobs, IHireEngineering, and engineering.jobs.

3. Friends/Word of Mouth

The least high tech way but maybe one of the most effective is used correctly. Think about your network. Talk to people from school (classmates and professors), former coworkers or employees, or friends. Ask them if they know if their company is hiring. Walking into the interview and having a mutual acquaintance with the interviewer may seem like a strained connection. But in actuality it can be really helpful in building a certain level of trust right of the bat.

Third Question Fady Mettias Interview
Fady Mettias, Senior Field Engineer

4. Job Search Engines

These sort of search engines hit the scene in the early 90s! They can be a totally viable place to start to look for your next job. I would say the only downside is sometimes the quality of the job postings can be iffy. But if you are unemployed and have the time to sort through the sea of posts I recommend taking a look.

Someone of the most popular include: Monster.com, Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com, and Dice.com.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be helpful in two important ways. The first is actually finding the job posting via linkedin. The second is building or maintaining connections in your network. LinkedIn as a platform is centered around professionals and employment.

Fabrício Andrade, Content Marketer for Visaya

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