One of the leading trade fairs for industrial technology, Hannover Messe 2019, opened its doors on April 1, 2019, at the Hannover Fair Grounds at Hannover.  With Sweden as the partner country this year, the five-day exhibition has a central focus on Industrial Technology that features 6,500 companies across the globe.  

Team Visaya visited some of the booths in the exhibition to give you a sneak peek into the technology breakthroughs witnessed at the fair this year.

Endress + Hauser

Headquartered in Switzerland, the company focuses on embedding a digital platform where you could check through all IoT-enabled devices. At the exhibition this year, Endress + Hauser showcased NETILION – CLOUD-BASED IIoT ECOSYSTEM. With the Netilion, the company showcased intelligent and connected applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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In addition, one of the product highlights this year was the new Liquiphant FTL51B, which follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested tuning fork–based Liquiphant level switches.

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The company also showcased another product equipped with Heartbeat Technology. The product is the Gammapilot FMG50, a radiometric level transmitter that can be deployed where other measurement principles run up against their limits.

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Phoenix Contact

Headquartered in Germany, the company focuses on digitalization. This year, it showcased comprehensive control cabinet solutions with optimised engineering and rapid and systematic installation.

In addition, it showcased circular connectors with fast locking system for reliable electrical connections like M17-M40 PRO series connectors that offer uniform solutions for signal and power transmission.

Also, it showcased open and safe automation programming intelligent solutions like the safety controller for PLCnext Technology PLCnext Control RFC 4072S.


Headquartered at Brazil, the company showcased DigiRail Connect, an Ethernet I/O module for Industry 4.0. This is a module that can be used as I/O extension of any cross band automation system. Specially designed for harsh environments, the DigiRail Connect complies with the rigorous EMC and EMI standards regulations.

In addition, Novus also displayed NXView, a glass capacitive touch panel that offers a platform to most types of machines, for standalone or networked operation.

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Headquartered in Germany, the company focusses on signal converters and PLC systems. This year, it displayed ACT20X, that is a dual-channel rail mounted current-supply isolator used across power and chemical industries.


Single channel digital signal converter/isolator

In addition, Weidmuller showcased the Klippon connect series with the new PUSH in terminal blocks that includes marker strips for effective labelling, push in power connection for high clamping forces and extensive accessories for every application.


Ex-plastic enclosure for use in areas exposed to explosion hazards


Headquartered in Switzerland, the company focuses on digitization and collaboration technologies at the exhibition this year. It showcased NiTemp: a simpler and safer way to measure your process temperature. With its innovative dual sensor and a specially developed calculation algorithm, NiTemp increases safety and reduces installation costs.


Headquartered in Germany, the company focuses on pressure transmitters for hygienic applications, this year IFM showcased new PM-type pressure transmitter with a total accuracy of 0.2% that has a temperature compensation with fast temperature sensors.

In addition, there was also thermal compressed air meter for compressed air in industrial use. Not only it has an integrated pressure sensor but also features a pressure sensor.


Headquartered in Poland, the company focuses on pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, hydrostatic level probes, level transmitters, valves, digital indicators, power supplies separator and gauges.

This year, at the exhibition, Aplisens showcased digital indicators PMS-90R and a smart pressure transmitter model APC-2000 ALW.


Headquartered at India, the company manufactures high-quality temperature sensors and related product accessories. It showcased calibration equipment, testing equipment for thermocouples and temperature measuring instruments with thermocouples.


Headquartered in Germany, the company focuses on manufacturing non-contact temperature measurement devices. This year, it showcased accessories for compact infrared cameras.

It also highlighted non-contact temperature measurement as well as compact IR thermometer with technical improvements.


Headquartered in Germany, the company focuses on the gateway for IoT.
Since the IoT platform is an essential component of an IoT ecosystem that supports and connects all components within the system, the management of data sources and data analysis enhances data flow and functionality of smart applications.

This year, Tekon highlighted the DUOS Gateway IoT that features an Ethernet TCP/IP Modbus Communication, an integration with Tekon IoT Platform and also a scalable network. DUOS Gateway IoT is the result of technological cooperation between Tekon Electronics and Fraunhofer Portugal.

The new product adds to the previous key features of DUOS Gateway, the Ethernet TCP/IP communication, allowing data transmission to the cloud.

Key takeaways from the Hannover Messe

With a key focus on embracing the scope of digitalization, Hannover Messe in April 2019 focused on Industry 4.0 and flexible solutions for the industry, which are not only efficient but also sustainable. This surely makes the right dig on the Process Automation industry to foresee the future in terms of advanced solutions and technologies.

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