What is infrared temperature measurement?

Yup, wish I knew what infrared temperature measurement was when I started working in automation!

Believe it or not, this technology shows up in several places in your daily life, and you’ve probably never known, much less looked for it. For example, in the supermarket, you might see an employee checking the freezers using a tool that looks like a gun.

What is infrared temperature measurement
Courtesy of FLUKE

That tool is an infrared thermometer. The store monitors its freezers using this or an online thermometer, where you can see the temperature on a screen. You can also use infrared devices to do predictive maintenance and check electrical cabinets, cable connections, motors, and more!

Infrared thermometers work with thermal radiation. All objects emit a certain amount of thermal energy. So devices can measure this energy and calculate the temperature. Easy – and more common than you think. Look around you and see if you can find an infrared device today!

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