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I wish I knew what a DeviceNet EDS file is!

EDS means electronic data sheet, and this sheet will give you relevant data about the device the EDS files applies to. That means you need it so your configuration tools know what kind of devices you have connected and what parameters they have.  You’ll find these files used in many other field networks besides DeviceNet. Let me give you some context.

For instance, if you want to set up a HART device, then your configuration tool will need the EDS files for that device. If your tool uses PROFIBUS for its protocol, then you need the EDS files for that device on that protocol. Make sense?

The DeviceNet network follows the same rules, so vendors need to provide the proper files for their devices that use DeviceNet as a communication protocol. Often you’ll need to upload EDS files to your control system.  The vendor should make those files available on its website to download and then integrate into your control system. If you can’t find the file, contact your local rep for help!

This screenshot shows the Rockwell Automation page where you can find many EDS files:

eds files

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