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I wish I knew how to install a pressure transmitter!

Installation of pressure transmitter? Well you can install a pressure transmitter in all kinds of applications, but all of these take different installations.

For example, say you want to measure a level with a differential pressure device. If you have an open tank, then you can install the device on the bottom of the tank using a flange with a filled-sealed container.

installation of pressure transmitter
Courtesy of Emerson

But if you want to measure flow with a pitot, then you can install the device using a single flange direct to the pitot. Or if you have a steam flow meter with an orifice plate, then you’ll want to install your transmitter remotely with a seal pot between the device and the process.

With so many options, the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable installation will depend on your process. Of course, many of you knew I’d say that, but a few didn’t!

This video shows what the installation of pressure transmitter should look like:

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