In this article, we talk and explain about pressure measurement and calibration.

What is pressure measurement?

Starting with pressure measurement, it is essential to know what is the definition of pressure. So, in short, pressure is a force exerted in an area.

But how do you measure it will depend on what kind of pressure you want to measure. We have three kinds of pressure measurement and different devices to measure each. They are absolute, gauge and differential pressure.


To know more about the kinds of pressure, you can read our article on absolute, gauge and differential pressure

Absolute pressure, gauge pressure, and differential pressure each use a different reference. Absolute uses a vacuum, gauge uses the atmosphere, and differential measures the pressure between two points.

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What is calibration?

Calibration is the procedure of comparing a reference with a known error margin against a device under test. If the device doesn’t match the reference, then you can adjust it to match – or at least come close.

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