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I wish I knew if there is a PROFINET gateway for DeviceNet ?

Short answer: Yes, there is a Profinet gateway. But you need more than that to make it work.

You may need to integrate different networks into your control system. It happens quite often, and you can choose to have one type of network in the field and a different one at the control system level. So for that, you can use converters or bridges.

You can also have a clear connection between the field devices and the control system. For instance, if you want PROFIBUS with HART field devices, then you can do this with the HART over PROFIBUS concept, similar to what you would do using a Profinet gateway. In this structure, you have a coupler converting the HART signal for the PROFIBUS. You can set up the devices remotely too.

But the market has tons of PROFINET-to-DeviceNet options, where you have your DeviceNet network in the field that you want to connect to a PROFINET control system. This graphic from ADF Web will show you how that works:

Profinet gateway

You can take a look at these options too. And read the specs to see how they might work for you:

  • Anybus X-gateway – DeviceNet, PROFINET-IRT device
  • Hilsher – Gateway DeviceNet to PROFINET IO devices
  • ADF Web – HD67608 PROFINET/DeviceNet Converter

This video will teach you how to set up the Anybus X-gateway to connect two networks like PROFINET and DeviceNet:

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