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I wish I knew when do I replace a thermocouple in a furnace!

In many segments, you have furnaces to create high heat, so you need temperature measurement to monitor their performance. Unfortunately, you won’t find a “one size fits all” answer here. You can have fuel combustion, induction heating, electric arc, and other types of furnaces, but all can achieve more than 1000 degrees Celsius and each affects thermocouples in different ways.

Thermocouples are very popular for furnaces because they have wide measuring ranges. For example, the type-K has a range from -200 to 1250 degrees Celsius. You can also use online or local infrared solutions.

Today, smart transmitters can monitor the health of your primary element as well as its own health. These devices can give you enough data on your process to plan preventive maintenance based on predictive analyses.

Furthermore, they can also give you data on the performance of different sensors, so you can choose sensors with better performance and life for your process.


This video explains more about temperature measuring:

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