Since one flow meter or level meter or whatever can’t cover all conditions! Same goes for brands; some have more features than others, but you may not need those features. We can discuss the pros and cons, but your process data dictate what device will give you the accuracy or lifespan or stability you need.

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Below you can find all the relevant points about the most common level devices on the market:

  • Differential pressure transmitter: Classic but limited in unstable densities and has mechanical structure in most applications
  • Free space radar: Non-contact and requires a minimum dielectric value
  • Guided wave radar: Makes contact with the product, has specific installation requirements but can install in low dielectric values
  • Capacitance level transmitter: Needs two capacitor plates (either the vessel wall or another probe), makes contact with the product, and limited media
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    To know more about Ecofrog, you can check out the Visaya Product Review

To know more about such products, you can get in touch with our engineers!

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