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I wish I knew what a HART communicator does!

Once upon a time, HART communicator (also known as handhelds) could only communicate with HART devices. Today, we have vendors offeringHART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and even PROFIBUS PA, although that last option isn’t common.

In general, the HART communicator gives you access to a field device’s menu, allowing you to change the setup and check the data from the device. You can sometimes save the configuration and download it to a similar device as well. Not all brands have this feature, though.

As for how it works, it has software that interprets a device description (DD) to properly show the data from that device. HART communicator come with a standard database that includes a wide range of vendors, devices, and versions. A new handheld can have more than 2000 DDs pre-installed, and you can add more if necessary.

You establish a connection with the field device using a 250-ohm resistor. This schematic shows how to connect a handheld to a HART device.

HART Communicator
HART communication

In short, this service tool lets you connect to HART field devices and set them up, check their diagnostics, and read their data.

This video will tell you more about HART communication:

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