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I wish I knew what is thermocouple compensation!

When it comes to thermocouples, the word “compensation” can point you in two directions. The first one deals with the compensation cable and how it differs from the extension cable. We already have this #WishIknew, and you can read it herehere. Second, you can have cold-junction compensation for higher accuracy when you use copper lead wire.

We explained this idea in another #WishIknew over here about calibrating thermocouples. However, let me give you a little more about it.

We use it to avoid creating a thermal electromotive force (EMF) in the connection terminals. A temperature change in the terminals can change the readings. However, the transmitter should compensate for this difference automatically.

EMF #WishIknew What is thermocouple compensation?
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You have two ways to compensate the cold junction, the electrical bridge method and the thermoelectric refrigeration method. If you want to know about those, then post another #WishIknew!

What is thermocouple compensation
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This video will teach you more about temperature measurement:

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