As a volumetric flow meter, the magnetic flow meter magnetic flow meter can fit in various liquid processes. In general, for measuring fluid flow, you’ll usually turn to either a differential pressure transmitter or a magmeter.

An average magmeter has good accuracy, great stability, and rangeability as well. You can install them in various liquids, as long as those liquids have a minimum conductivity of 5 micro-Siemens per centimeter. Sure, you can find devices working with lower numbers, but rarely.

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The liner of the measuring tube may limit you as well. Its material depends on the product and the process temperature. You must choose the right liner material, or the product may damage the liner and the tube.

Last but not least, the meter needs a filled pipe and a minimum straight run before and after it. Once again, you can find a magmeter without straight runs or filled pipes but check their numbers. They probably don’t perform as well as they should.


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