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I wish I knew why should I use a thermocouple with a transmitter!

You have many ways to integrate your sensor into your control system. We have an article that explains the benefits of each option here. Regardless, I can sum up the main points on why you should use a field transmitter or a transmitter mounted in the panel.

First, a transmitter will cut down the chance for external noise in the communication. Second, it will translate the sensor data to a standard format. If you have only an analog output, then all you get is the temperature. But if you use a digital transmitter, then you can have much more information coming out of the field.

In short distances, you can use compensation cables to save money on installation. Usually, the transmitter can do the compensation to give you accurate readings. You can also have a remote input/output (IO) in the field, multiplexers, and other options.

This video talks about temperature transmitters:

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