Depending on how and what you need to measure, temperature may play a big enough role to skew your measurement. You can do the calculations yourself, but some devices have methods of compensation in the measurement tube or in the tank.

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  • When you need to measure volume in flow, temperature can influence pressure and density in your measurement. You can have external devices to measure these variables and compensate in the control system or directly in the device.
  • When you measure levels in storage tanks you need high accuracy to calculate potential changes in volume. Usually, you’ll use a multi-point transmitter to find your temp average and compensate for it in the level calculation.
  • Coriolis flow meters also have temperature sensors inside to measure the process temperature and compensate for it in the flow results.
  • In a gas measurement, the density, pressure, and temperature all can change. For instance, if you have an orifice plate, then you need both pressure and temperature compensation.

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As you can see, you may need the temperature to ensure high accuracy in your measurement.

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