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Want to reach your customers through innovative digital channels? Here you are, partner with Visaya.

Since our start in 2017, we’ve invested our dedication, customer-centric mindset, and solid hands-on approach in creating the largest knowledge base in the world for process automation.

In early 2018, we launched our eShop, giving customers the ability to find, choose, and buy industrial automation products online. With Visaya we have introduced a completely innovative promotion and digital sales channel, and we want to reach new horizons together with you.

How can we help you? That’s easy: We guide your customers to the right devices for their applications online. In our open marketplace, users can find and buy your products quickly and simply.

How do we do it? We offer expert support, intelligent features like our easy-to-use product finder, and a broad choice of products, all enhanced by information in our knowledge base.

Our customer-centric mindset adds value to partner companies by empowering customers. By offering the best products and services to those customers, we can increase your revenue as a vendor.

Learn more about the benefits of a Visaya partnership and join us.

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Our mission is to help customers find the right devices for their applications. Become a part of the Visaya family and profit from the benefits of the largest digital marketplace for process automation products. Just list your products with us and help your customers choose and buy exactly what they need to automate their processes.

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Showcase your expertise

Through Visaya, you can share your expertise with our audience. We can publish original or repurposed content on our platform, accelerating user engagement with your brand and offerings. Use Visaya to participate in new purchasing approaches and become more relevant to digital target groups.

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Learn, find, buy

At Visaya, we dedicate ourselves to offering your customers the best possible way to learn, find, and buy the right devices. We support several thousands products and hundreds independent expert knowledge pieces, including application notes and product reviews. Visaya’s features and intelligent tools, like our product finder and configurator, make search and configuration easy. We understand this industry, and our application experts will help your customers promptly and directly, even with complex applications.

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List your products

List your products at Visaya and help your customers find, compare, and buy the devices they need swiftly and easily. Our partner portfolio is growing rapidly – we’ve integrated several thousands products from different vendors to our platform.

Since the opening of our eShop in 2018, we have become the largest marketplace for process automation products. Join Visaya now and expand your digital reach to acquire new markets and customers.

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Showcase your expertise

Through Visaya, you can share your expertise with our audience. We can publish original or repurposed content on our platform, accelerating user engagement with your brand and offerings.

Have a white paper that needs to be read? Want to share the latest video you produced? Can’t wait to tell everybody your latest success story? Visaya can showcase your content, not only on the platform but also through all our social media channels and our popular newsletter.

Visaya also has independent product comparisons as another unique feature. We provide unbiased opinions on the devices available in the market. This neutral approach builds trust with your customers and allows us to guide them during the selection process.

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Learn, find, buy

List your products with Visaya and help your customers find, compare, and buy the devices they need easily and quickly. Our partner portfolio is growing rapidly – we’ve integrated several thousands products from different vendors to our platform.

Intelligent tools like our product finder turn product searches in our broad and well-sorted multi-brand portfolio into efficient and solution-driven experiences for your customers. We understand this industry, and our application experts will help your customers promptly and directly, even with complex applications.

Best of all, you get these benefits with little to no administrative effort from you as a partner. A dedicated account manager takes care of your onboarding, answers all your questions and requests, and meets your success KPIs.

You want to offer your customers the right products for their applications? Then join us and use Visaya as a tool to complement your sales strategy with an innovative digital component.

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The platform seems to be exactly what I was missing in the world of process measurement industry- kind of social, technical advising platform... content driven

Philipp Kleinbruckner

Product Manager Automation

Schaffhausen Switzerland

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What types of content are present on Visaya?

The content present on Visaya can be clustered as follow:
  • Articles (these include Q&A, product reviews, #wishIknew, and other forms of written content)
  • Devices (including images, product description, specifications, operating manuals)
  • Videos (hosted on Visaya or through 3rd party services)
*Note on external content
There may be instances in which external content is integrated within articles, videos or devices - e.g. videoclips used within our videos. When this happens, Visaya strives to always attribute due credit to the content owner.

What happens if Visaya repurposes content that has been already used in our websites?

Our editors and writers are SEO experts and diligently apply best practices when producing and repurposing content. They ensure the topic is presented accurately to readers and search engines alike, and that our practices don’t negatively impact other vendors’ and partners’ websites.

Visaya will edit the existing pieces or even go as far to rewrite the entire piece to comply with our editorial voice, this way we avoid affecting the SEO positioning and ranking of your website or risking content plagiarism

What is duplicate content?

The term Duplicate Content is used to describe the situation where multiple URLs have the same or almost the same content. Note that those pages can be part of the same or of different websites. Visaya does not engage in duplicating content, unless mutually agreed with the rightful owner (e.g. syndicated articles).

Google publishes guidelines on duplicate content here.

Are product descriptions duplicate content?

Product descriptions are short paragraphs of text usually describing USPs, specs and possible applications of a product. Because of their length, they cannot be classified as duplicate content. Furthermore, they are presented in two ways:
  • as an excerpt on the “Devices” page
  • in their entirety on a single product’s page

For the former, only a small snippet appears (not enough to be even classified as duplicate content); as for the latter, we once again follow Google’s guidelines, and always provide the canonical link to the product page on the manufacturer’s site, where the original content is hosted.

Look at this link for more info: https://www.hobo-web.co.uk/duplicate-content-problems/#what-is-duplicate-content-

Will a syndicated article negatively affect the ranking of my website?

We take every precaution to not affect the ranking of your site, diligently abiding by Google’s guidelines. Every syndicated article that we publish always contain a canonical link to the original page. See a live example here: original content and syndicated article. The result of this practice will in fact generate an additional backlink to your site, potentially improving its ranking and authority with search engines.

Will the content published in Visaya affect the SEO ranking of our companies’ website for similar keywords?

The content in Visaya has backlinks to your website increasing your general SEO ranking. Additionally, our product reviews generate traffic to your website and visibility to your offering.

Look at this link for more info, https://bintime.com/blog/duplicate-content-seo

Is Visaya rewriting product descriptions?

Visaya will not rewrite product descriptions. This choice is driven by the following:
  • Each manufacturer knows the USPs, specifications and characteristics of their products better than any external party
  • Visaya does not have the capacity nor the know-how to rewrite each product description
  • Visaya strives to present facts that are technically accurate - amending product descriptions may potentially jeopardize this mission

Our product descriptions may be sourced from the manufacturers’ websites. This will not affect the ranking of the manufacturer’s website, however may penalize the indexing of your products on Visaya’s pages. In fact, Visaya may be filtered by search engines for providing the same content available on a more established website (age or domain authority-wise), as explained by experts on the topic.

However, writing compelling product descriptions can help your products stand out even on Visaya, and we always encourage manufacturers in providing unique product descriptions for their products.

Look at this link for more info: https://www.practicalecommerce.com/How-to-Write-Product-Descriptions-that-Sell-Boost-SEO-Efforts-

How do I verify that my product portfolio and offering are relevant to Visaya?

One of the main goals of Visaya is to simplify the taxonomy for process automation. We verify and update this taxonomy and verify where your product fits within this taxonomy.

I want to publish an article in Visaya. What should I do?

Visaya has a content creation process that you can find at this link.

Our company is launching a new product soon, Can I promote this product in Visaya?

Visaya can create and share a product review and hands on impressions of your product. Please fill and submit this questionnaire for product review submittals. This is not our first time you can check how we did on this link.

We have updated one of our products and we want to review it. What should we do?

Our first objective is to keep our knowledge base updated, please send us back this questionnaire and we will update our product review as soon as possible.

One of our devices in the Device Directory has a mistake. What should I do?

The picture in the device card is not the most flattering? Is the link to the operating manual dated? Don’t worry just send us back this questionnaire and we well make it sure to fix the device card ASAP.

I want to submit a product to Visaya for a product review and hands-on video. What should I do?

We would be delighted to do the review. Please reach out to us and we will follow up with particulars including any logistics topics.

I want to update my profile picture or description in the article

You can always update your information just follow the procedure in this link.