Payments and VAT

Process+Lab Devices Online is a legal entity in Germany, and therefore orders placed on the Visaya shop must comply with German VAT rules.

If you’re buying on behalf of a company (business client) located within the EU region with the exception of Germany, we will not charge you VAT provided that you indicated your company’s VAT number, and that this has been successfully verified on our end.

If you’re buying as a private entity (consumer), you will be charged German VAT.

Important - Currently, you will need to specify your company’s VAT number for every order, unless you are buying on behalf of a German business. We are working to enable clients’ registration to simplify the ordering process for our customers.

Payments with Credit cards& Paypal: If you're paying with a credit card or Paypal, we will capture the payment for the full amount (including VAT).  We review orders individually; if you're recognised as a business customer as described above, we will refund you the VAT component on the same card. Your invoice will also reflect this.

Payment in advance(Bank Transfer): If you choose to pay with wire transfer, you will receive the bank details for the transfer within the order confirmation email. If you're recognised as a business customer as described above, the amount shown on the invoice will be without VAT. Please note that your order will be shipped once the payment has been received.

Payment on Account(Pay Later): For now, we do not offer this option in checkout page. However, if you are buying behalf of a business; please contact for payment on account requests.