Temperature transducer with thermocouple

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    • Galvanic isolation: 3-way isolator
    • Width x Height x Depth (mm): 6.1 x 112.5 x 114.3
    • Type of connection: Screw connection
    • DIP- Switch configuration
    • 1 input: thermocouple signal and 1 output : I, U (current, voltage)

    Fields of application

    • Energy sector
    • Marine engineering
    • With current sensors
    • With torque, position or acceleration sensors


    The ACT20M-TCI-AO-S configurable temperature transducer by Weidmüller isolates and converts analogue signals. An analogue thermocouple input signal (Type J, K) is linearly converted into an analogue output signal and is galvanically isolated. The power supply is galvanically isolated from the input and output (3-way isolation) and this is done with direct wiring or over the Weidmüller rail bus.

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    SKU 1375480000

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    We find the right product for you
    What do our customers say

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