Ceraphant PTP31B

Absolute and gauge pressure switch for measurement in gases, steams or liquids



  • Piezoresistive, metal sensor for safe measurement
  • Pressure measuring range: 400 bar (6000 psi)
  • Accuracy: up to 0.5 %
  • Maximum allowable overload pressure : 600 bar
  • Process temperature: –40 to 100 °C (–40 to 212 °F)

Fields of application

  • Measurement of absolute and gauge pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts


The Ceraphant PTP31B is a pressure switch from Endress+Hauser with a piezoresistive sensor for safe measurement and monitoring of absolute and gauge pressure. The pressure switch with compact design is extremely stable and overload resistant for up to 400 bar.

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Somya Gupta

The conversation was highly helpful to me. I want to know about the suitable sensors that can be used for level measurements for conical tank systems. Mr. Pedro has quickly responded and explained in very ease way. It was nice interacting with him.

Questions & Answers

Hi I want to measure pressure using pressure switch in a duct (actually slight vacuum). The switch will activate a trip. Do I measure static or dynamic pressure? What sort of tapping point do I need and where in duct am I best to measure? Which Pressure Switch would you recommend? Best Regards Rob (1 answer)
by Rob, 11 months ago
First thing when selecting a pressure switch is knowing the expected pressure range that it will work on, after that, you should consider if you need to measure absolute pressure or relative pressure, both can work for vacuum applications but the absolute pressure will measure from 0 bar abs and won't compensate ambient pressure changes. Relative pressure sensors will measure from -1 bar g and beyond and will compensate for ambient pressure changes. The best place for installing it will depend from case to case, but typically, you will want to avoid places where condensation can accumulate over the measuring sensor. In the Technical Information document, you can find the manufacturer installation recommendations.
by Visaya, 11 months ago
Ceraphant PTP31B
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A great company that provided a wide range of products from various suppliers. Support is excellent and very responsive

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