Wireless temperature transmitter



  • Up to 4 Km communication distance (LoS) with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Dual temperature probe (Internal and External probes)
  • Auto Discovery of the best wireless link
  • Low power and long battery life
  • IP67 Protection

Fields of application

  • Cold Chain
  • Data Centers
  • Building Automation
  • Food Industry
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical Industry


The DUOS TEMP temperature transmitter is the perfect wireless solution for monitoring applications, automation and centralization of temperature measurements throughout the production of substances, distribution and storage of refrigerated foods, frozen and deep-frozen, HVAC and other industry processes.


Equipped with a smart dual probe transmitter, it allows the user to monitor not only the air temperature but also the product temperature, thanks to the second enclosed probe. Simple and intuitive USB configuration via Tekon Configurator (free software) and Integration with Tekon IoT Platform.

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We find the right product for you
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