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  • Type of medium: Liquids
  • Measuring range: 0.5 to 3 m
  • Accuracy: ± 20 mm
  • Process temperature range: -17 to 50 °C
  • Measures every 6 hours and transfers the data once a day via WiFi to data server
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • No limitation of the max. measurable tank volume
  • Graphic display of the filling level

Fields of application

  • Proven successful in over 30,000 applications
  • Measures all liquids: heating oil, water, diesel, etc.
  • Suitable for fuel oil tanks, diesel tanks, cellar tanks, underground tanks, reservoirs, storage tanks and IBC drums with a volume of at least 200 litre


EcoFrog from E-Sensorix is a modern level indicator for the fuel oil tanks and monitor the fill level in the fuel oil tanks and consumption via a web portal or on smartphone. EcoFrog is the alternative for thread floats, dipsticks, fuel meters or other mechanical systems and can also be used where it is impossible to connect to the grid. 

The device offers the possibility of individual configurations. For configuring the device suitable to your application, the following information is required:

  1. Medium in the tank e.g. fuel oil, water, etc.
  2. Different tank types: Tank type A for rectangular tanks, B for oval or round tanks, 
    C for flat, horizontal tanks (B>H)


  3. Height (H) in cm, more precisely the distance between the tank bottom and sensor outlet (entire measuring range). If the distance between the sensor and maximum filling height is > 15cm, please indicate the difference as the offset.Height (H) in cm
  4. Width (W) in cm * and length / depth (Z) in cm *
  5. Maximum volume in litres (When used on battery tanks, please add the volume of all tanks.)
  6. Height of the sampling point/suction point in cm. The level at which the contents of the tank are sucked in and is also called "dead zone" or "sludge". Standard according to TÜV in fuel oil tanks is 8cm (standard setting).
  7. Sensor offset (empty area) in cm. In order to achieve optimum measurements, the sensor should be installed 15cm above the maximum filling level. If this distance is larger and there is an empty area, enter it here in cm (e.g. 2cm).

Sensor offset (empty area) in cm


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Questions & Answers

Where can I apply the device? (1 answer)
by Zac Peter, almost 2 years ago
The EcoFrog is the best alternative for thread floats, dipsticks, tank gauges or other mechanical systems and can also be used where connection to the mains is impossible. With the Ecofrog, there is no need to check your cellar, cistern, apartment building to avoid an empty tank. You can also easily read the consumption and compare prices for heating oil in time and prepare for the next order. Other areas where they are applied are underground tanks, reservoirs, storage tanks, and drums with a volume of at least 200 litres.
by Karthikeyan Karunanithi, almost 2 years ago
Does it come with wireless communication? (1 answer)
by Cameron Dennis, about 2 years ago
The Proteus Ecofrog comes with the option of wireless communication. When installed on the tank, it measures the level every 6 hours and transmits measured values to the data server in 24h intervals. Once a day, the sensor sends the data through the built-in WiFi module to the nearby WiFi modem connected to the device. Any modem that supports the WiFi standard 802.11 b/g/n is suitable for connecting the EcoFrog to a WiFi network. Multiple EcoFrogs can be connected to a WiFi modem. When the modem is connected to the Internet, it automatically sends the collected tank level data to the cloud-based database.
by Raphael Freitas, about 2 years ago
Does it have a user interface? (1 answer)
by Kate Sandford, over 2 years ago
It does come with an effecient user interface that gives you quick and easy access to your level data, either through a smartphone or a laptop. They have a web app that's connected to the cloud system Microsoft Azure, in which data is stored securely and ready for access. After you have logged in to the web app with your user data, you can select one of your sensors and immediately display the current filling level of the respective tank.
by Marco Zanzotera, over 2 years ago
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