FF-GLT Type AF (4...20mA)

Humidity/ temperature probe for outdoors with current output

B+B Sensors


  • Measuring range humidity 0-100% RH
  • Accuracy humidity +/- 2% RH
  • Measuring range temperature -30...+70 °C
  • Standard signal 4...20 mA

Fields of application

  • Building control technology
  • Industrial measuring and automation technology
  • Clima recording
  • Drying technology


The high-quality and precise humidity / temperature sensor has got an integrated measuring transducer (output signal 4- 20mA) and is characterized by its high long-term stability and excellent measuring accuracy. It is protected against excessive voltage, transients and suitable for continuous operation. This sensor has been especially designed for long term operation in the field of building automation. The device was designed in different configurations which show significant distinctions in terms of the temperature measuring part: The TE0 version comes without additional temperature measurement. The TE1 is characterized by its second measuring amplifier for temperature measurement and the TEPT measures temperature with passive Pt1000 measuring resistance. 

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FF-GLT Type AF (4...20mA)
We find the right product for you
What do our customers say

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