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IR 8895

Infrared thermometer for contactless temperature measurements

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  • Measuring range: 40...+816 °C or -40...+1500 °F
  • Laser 670 nm and 12:1 optical resolution
  • Automatic switch off function and LCD display
  • Battery change indicator and Switchable temperature between °C / °F function

Fields of application

  • Measuring on moving objects e.g. engines and waves
  • Measuring on sterile objects and food
  • Measuring on live parts e.g. transformators and power rails
  • Measuring on objects that can not be touched e.g. newly painted
  • parts or chemicals
  • Measuring on objects that are far away


The infrared thermometers have short response times and are ideally suited for measuring from the distance or on moving objects. A laser facility guarantees that the measurement is taken from the actual point to be measured.

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