Innovative advanced, modular RTD thermometer for use in hygienic and aseptic applications in the Food & Beverages and Life Sciences industries

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SKU: TM411


  • Measuring Principle: RTD Pt100
  • Measuring range: -200 to 600 °C (-28 to 1112 °F)
  • Respnse Time: QuickSens: t90 = 1.5 s, StrongSens: t90 = 9.5 s
  • Output/ Communication Protocol: 4…20 mA; HART; PROFIBUS PA; FOUNDATION FIELDBUS
  • Explosion protection as per ATEX/IECEx, hygiene standards according to 3-A, EHEDG, ASME BPE, FDA, TSE Certificate of Suitability

Fields of application

  • Adapted to hygienic and aseptic requirements
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Life Science Industrie


The iTHERM TM411 Resistance Thermometer is specifically designed for reliable use in hygienic and aseptic industrial environments. It has a modular design and, in addition to its 50 possible, hygienic process connections, offers interchangeable measuring inserts, which ensure consistently reliable measured values. Residue-free cleaning minimizes maintenance costs and downtimes and immediately increases product efficiency. The unique and fully automatic production concept ensures a consistently high product quality according to IEC60751.

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Questions & Answers

What is the degree of protection that comes with the TM411? (1 answer)
by Evan Linquist, over 2 years ago
The TM411 comes with an enclosure protection of IP69K for the housing, terminal head and connectors. The IP69K means that the device is dust tight and allows no ingress of dust. Also, it is protected against close-range high pressure and high temperature water jet/spray at a high velocity. The IP69K is the highest enclosure protection that is ever offered.
by Marco Zanzotera, over 2 years ago
Does the TM411 come with hygienic approvals? (1 answer)
by Josephine Stanley, over 2 years ago
The TM411 complies with the legal requirements of the EC directives and FDA as well, and it gets a CE mark after successful testing. As for hygienic certifications, the device is certified by EHEDG and 3A after complying to their sanitization standards. Furthermore, the TM411 is certified by ASME BPE and TSE Certificate of Sanitary since it doesn't employ the use of any sort of animal fat to develop the device's contact surfaces.
by Marco Zanzotera, over 2 years ago
What are the types of terminal heads offered by the iTHERM TM411? (1 answer)
by Tommy Haas, over 2 years ago
There are various specifications of the terminal head offered by the iTHERM TM411 which are as follows: 1. TA30A made of aluminium with low cover/hinged 2. TA30D made of aluminium with high cover/hinged 3. TA30R made of stainless steel (blasted) with screwed cover 4. TA30R made of stainless steel (hand-polished) with screwed cover 5. TA30S made of polypropylene with screwed cover 6. TA30P made of polyamide with hinged high cover. The TA30A and TA30R come with the option of with/without display.
by Fabrício Andrade, over 2 years ago
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