Aluminium empty enclosure

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    • Closed-form seal (no glued splice)
    • Impact resistance: 10.00 J
    • Protection degree: IP66, IP67, IP68
    • Mounting holes not within the sealed area
    • Threaded hole for attaching DIN rails and mounting plates

    Fields of application

    • Transportation
    • Marine engineering
    • Harbour facilities
    • Process & packaging industry
    • Machine building & plant construction


    The Klippon® K2 Aluminium enclosure can be used with a wide range of applications and are ideally suited for the assembly of terminal blocks, switches, power supplies, operating and display elements or electronic modules. The mounting holes are located outside the sealing area, while a corresponding thread enables mounting rails and mounting plates to be affixed.

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    Questions & Answers

    Can I use a 1/2" NPT cable gland with Klippon K2 enclosure? (1 answer)
    by Peter Simons, over 2 years ago
    Yes, you can use it, but you will need to include a metric to 1/2" NPT adapter. Currently we don't sell the adapter in our shop but you can find the M20 to 1/2 NPT adapter here <a href="https://catalog.weidmueller.com/procat/Product.jsp;jsessionid=C922412D21D04453FFE5996BA417BA12?productId=(%5b1738480000%5d)&groupId=(%22group4900140505020%22)&page=Product">click here</a>
    by Aaditya, about 2 years ago


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