Liquiphant M FTL51

Point level switch with extension tube for liquids in all industries

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  • Vibronic point level switch
  • For universal use in all liquids
  • Output: AC/DC, DC-PNP, NAMUR, PFM
  • Explosion protection certificates, overfill prevention WHG, SIL
  • Can be used for process temperatures up to: 150°C (302°F)

Fields of application

  • Foamdetection
  • Detect a density change
  • second line of defense


Liquiphant FTL51 is a point level switch with extension tube for use in hazardous areas with all international certificates. Useable in all industries. FTL51 offers functional safety SIL2/SIL3. With the second line of defense highest degree of safety and availability of the device can be guaranteed. Reliable measurement values, not affected by: changing media properties, flow, turbulences, gas bubbles, foam, vibrations or build-up.

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Somya Gupta

The conversation was highly helpful to me. I want to know about the suitable sensors that can be used for level measurements for conical tank systems. Mr. Pedro has quickly responded and explained in very ease way. It was nice interacting with him.

Questions & Answers

There is a level switch FTL51-77WU0/0, Ser. No. P30A1A01027,FTL51-ABA2RB4G4A+, electronic FEL54 which indicates a high level of water while there is no water. Please, advice what can be the reason of this malfunction. the level switch is connected to DCS through contact 3 and 4 with left jumper on MIN setting. (1 answer)
by Mohammad Shaaban, 12 months ago
Hello, please check what signal you receive when there is water. If you receive the same signal, the sensor is broken. Otherwise the sensor is in the wrong mode.
by Visaya - Adrian Gniwotta, 11 months ago
Liquiphant M FTL51
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A great company that provided a wide range of products from various suppliers. Support is excellent and very responsive

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