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LogBox BLE

Bluetooth Multi Channel Data Logger

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  • Analog sensor type: Thermocouples J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B; Pt100; 0...5 V; 0...10 V; 0...50 mV; 0...20 mA; 4...20 mA
  • 1 Digital input: pulses counting, events recording or logger start.
  • 1 PNP digital output: electronic switch (to control the power supply of signal transmitters) or alarm.
  • Alarms: up to 8 alarms, being low and high alarm per channel.
  • Record Interval: 1 second to 18 hours

Fields of application

  • Laboratories
  • Cold Chain
  • Data Centers


LogBox BLE is a bluetooth data logger for up to three analog sensors and one digital. The analog channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with signals in current or voltage. The digital channel could either record events with time stamp, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.

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