Electromagnetic flow meter with wireless remote access

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SKU: DMA15/20/25/50


  • Type of medium: Liquids
  • Measuring range: 0.05 to 750 l/min
  • Accuracy: ± 0.8 % o.r.
  • Process pressure range: up to 16 bar
  • Process temperature range: -10 to 70 °C
  • Operation via Bluetooth® and SmartBlue App
  • Flexible integration into all fieldbus systems via IO-Link

Fields of application

  • Reliable measurement and monitoring of industrial water, cooling water or warm water
  • Monitoring of cleaning and rinsing water
  • Correctly measuring water flows or for minimizing energy costs in utility applications
  • Quality control and monitoring


The Picomag is the cost-effective magmeter for many applications in secondary circuits with conductive liquids in all industries. End customers, skid builders, equipment manufacturers and system integrators value the space-saving Picomag for its flexible installation capabilities. Additionally, its future-oriented, intuitive operation via SmartBlue App on every Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet ensures fast, secure and simple commissioning.


Buy and order the E+H Picomag flow meter (DMA15 - DN15, DMA20 - DN20, DMA25 - DN25, DMA50 - DN50) in our online shop with free delivery in EU. In two steps, you can select the options and proceed to checkout. The Picomag IO-Link flow meter will be shipped to your wished address. (SKUs: DMA15-AAAAA1, DMA20-AAAAA1, DMA25-AAAAA1, DMA50-AAAAA1)

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Questions & Answers

Good afternoon, I require an intelligent flow meter to measure water flow which can accomodate a range from 2.5l/min up to 20 l/min. The device should have an output that allows communcation to read the flowrate digitally. Can you help me please? (1 answer)
by Gopal, 3 months ago
Hello, the Picomag with the pipesizes of DN15 to DN25 all accommodate your requested flow range. And it also offers a lot of digital communication protocols as well as showing the values over the Bluetooth-App. Is that what you had in mind regarding the output? If not, feel free to contact our engineers directly
by Visaya - Adrian Gniwotta, 3 months ago
Would it be possible to measure flow of high density liquids ? (1 answer)
by Senem Onen Cinar, 6 months ago
Hello, the Picomag should be able to measure liquids with high density as long as the liquid is conductive. But depending on your exact application, it could be that there are other flowmeters which fulfill your requirements better. If you want more help finding your perfect device, feel free to contact our engineers directly.
by Visaya - Adrian Gniwotta, 3 months ago
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